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My Books

All my books are sold on Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

Emilee Arnold is happy to finally be adjusting to retirement life in The Villages, a golfing retirement community in Florida. After over forty years of marriage, Emilee’s husband confesses to having an affair and asks for a divorce. Devastated, Emilee’s first reaction is to seek revenge.

After Emilee accepts her fate, she weathers a heartbreaking divorce. She finds herself in a haze of confusion and emotional distress. Being over sixty, Emilee realizes how unprepared she is to deal with all of her unexpected life changes.

With all of the challenges Emilee faces, how can she stay hopeful? Will she ever learn how to trust again? Can she find love and happiness while overcoming heartache and struggling to keep the biggest secret of her life under wraps? As Emilee learns, you’d be surprised at the things you’d do to survive.

Amy Lewis wants her twelve-day cross-country bus trip to be nothing but an adventure. What could possibly destroy her well-planned journey?


Since the death of her husband, Amy is afraid to tell her family, friends and especially her son that she’s dating. She keeps her boyfriend and the trip a secret.


Amy boards the bus and gets a startling surprise that will force her to reveal information that she’s trying to hide. However, what she ends up divulging is nothing in comparison to what she learns about her new love interest.


Secrets, unpredicted events and betrayal may threaten Amy’s desire to have an enjoyable, memorable trip. Can this trip be everything Amy expects or, will all the unexpected twists and turns involving other passengers and her boyfriend spoil her trip?

One cannot go through life making decisions without believing there are no consequences. This describes Luke Hunter’s Life.


From all appearances, he seems like a wonderful, loving, caring husband and father, but for years, he has been concealing secrets. His world begins to unravel when Cheryl Lopez, who dies unexpectedly.


Her death brings Luke front and center having to face the deception he has successfully concealed for over fifteen years. Luke now finds himself in a situation he never anticipated. The repercussions will not only affect his world but the lives of everyone he loves. This fast-paced romance novel involves love, heartache, deception, blackmail, along with unanticipated occurrences.


How safe is it for people fifty and older to travel with Legendary

Adventures, a company specializing in day and multi-day bus trips? On these journeys, is it possible that one or more individuals are stealing from the passengers?


Over the years, the people traveling with Legendary are colorful and interesting but no one has made a complaint about any wrong doing. That is until Amy Lewis witnesses what she perceives as a theft during the cross-country trip to Yellowstone Park, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse Monument.

Amy informs Lisa Hall, Legendary travel representative, about the theft. Lisa finds Amy's allegation hard to believe because the persons Amy's accusing has traveled with Legendary for years. With no evidence, Lisa agrees to investigate the matter because of Amy's persistence and her quirky ability to become involve in unexpected circumstances.

On the upcoming fourteen-day trip touring eastern New England and Canada, Amy notices that the individuals she suspects are going. Immediately, Amy convinces her boyfriend, Bob Zeller, to sign up. Can Amy uncover the truth about the thefts? Will her sleuthing help or hinder Legendary's investigation?



Regal Care is a luxury assisted-living complex. It’s composing and majestic. Outside features are beautiful and graceful while inside décor is elegant, yet welcoming and comfortable. Despite its appearance, some of the employees, especially the night shift, and patients believe something sinister takes place after dark.


Woody Roberts, Lou Holder, and Joan Cole are recuperating from a variety of health issues. They move into Regal Care as strangers, but soon become friends. Long before their arrival, a large number of deaths occurred. Police investigations resulted in the arrest and conviction of a nurse. Before the judge announces her sentence, the woman shouts how her work would continue.

Several recent deaths cause Woody, Lou, and Joan to wonder if there is truth to her outburst. They become suspicious and investigate. As they come close to uncovering information about the deaths, danger looms and each of them are threatened. Will their discoveries result in deadly consequences?





Currently, I'm working on a new book in the Amy Lewis Series. Amy seems to attract unexpected events while taking trips with the travel company, Legendary Adventures. 

The title of the book is Amy's California Adventure but I haven't decided on a book cover.

I expect the book to be published in 2019.


A bus sponsored by  Legendary Adventure is going from Florida to California. This will be Amy Lewis and Bob Zeller's third trip with them. 


Throughout northern Florida Hurricane Michael destroyed homes and caused trees to block roads. The planned bus route will go through the damaged area where roads may not be passable. Will Legendary have to cancel the trip?

Bob has more worries than Legendary canceling the trip. He and Amy disagree on whether she should tell her son, Taylor, the real reason they're taking the trip. How long can Amy keep her secret from him?

Taylor has a surprise of his own and hasn't told his mother he's on the California bus trip. What happens when Amy and Taylor discover each other's secrets?

Amy is a curious person and asks general and personal questions from people traveling on the bus. She learns a variety of troubling information and contacts the authorities. No one believes her so Amy takes matters into her own hands. By doing so, will she put herself and the entire bus passengers in danger?


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