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Fun Facts About Me

​1. My husband and I enjoy cruising, but after seeing "Pirates of the Caribbean" I'm constantly wondering if this will be the trip when pirates take over the ship.

2. Visiting cemeteries is a huge past time of mine. Why? I would like to say I'm a ghost whisperer, but that's not true. In reality, I'm looking for clues to dig up information about my family roots.

3. I didn't start golfing until I retired....who knew I would use those experiences as inspiration for writing my first published novel--"Sunday Golf."

4. At 55, I bought a red hat and purple outfit to join the ranks of the Red Hat Society. I started a Red Hat Chapter--The Plum Red Social Butterflies and became a Queen Mum.

5. Yes, I'm one of those people who holds onto old photos, newspaper clippings, and anything else regarding events. You guessed it--I scrapbook and at times have made these items an integral part of my writing process when developing ideas, creating characters or selecting scenes.

6. As a self-proclaimed carb-addict, there was nothing worse than being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I can never eat anything containing gluten, wheat, rye, oat and barley. That's right, unless the product is gluten free--I'll never eat another piece of bread, pasta, or pastry!!!

7. I love saying that I'm a "Late Blooming Author" because my first book became a reality at 60.

8. I probably have enough rejection letters regarding my book submissions to wallpaper my living room. Did that stop me from writing? No, I adopted the quote from somewhere--"REJECTION is just a different path to success!"

9. Although many of my faithful readers would like to see me writing every day, I do participate in other things such as  bowling, golfing, playing cards, Mah Jongg, reading, and going to the movies.

10. What is my secret to being married for 40 years? I'd say being patient, compromising, and keeping the romance in and out of the bedroom.


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