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Reviews of My Books

All my books are sold on Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

"It Could Happen To Your Child"--Beautifully written to properly address a range of frightening scenarios concerning youngsters. "it Could Happen To Your Child" is an excellent tool for parents and guardians to initiate discussion and design strategies to avoid potential problems. Robin Carr, Mother and Business Owner

"It Could Happen To Your Child is a thought provoking book that is a "must" read for children and adults. A great vehicle for teachers, police officers and others to use when discussing life-threatening situations. One of the stories could save a child's life." Shirley Keeney, Retired Baltimore, MD Police Officer

"...Some people will discount my review of "Not the Norm, A Small Town Story," because I'm Lorraine's husband but I did influence her to write about her hometown. I found the town to be unusual because it demonstrates how people can live, work, and play together without prejudice. What a wonderful experience where no one cares about the color of your skin...." Lamont C. Harris

"Good Book. "Not the Norm" tells the story of my small hometown and what I had been thinking when I grew up there. I really didn't think prejudice existed and was something  on TV. It is great to read this book from an African American perspective." Marlene C.


"Sunday Golf is a quick read, that keep you involved in the lives of the characters. The Author moves from one character to another with ease, weaving the story together in such a way you feel as if you know each character personally. Real life experiences combined with a wonderful imagination makes Sunday Golf a relaxing read." Debra M. Rice
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