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Okay, I was ready to be published but i had no idea what that meant. After having my pity party, getting over being angry, and frustrated, I bit the bullet. I accepted the fact that there was more to being a published author. It came down to one thing--how to sell your book. Ugh.

I called the publisher and spoke to a representative. It was suggested I have a book signing. Of course, I had to arranged it. Being naïve, I thought, "How difficult could a book signing be?"

I had no idea what it meant to have a book signing. I also had the reality check that the publisher was going to give me "zero" help. I was on my own.

Not only that, I keep thinking about my dear husband, Lamont asking me when I first received my book, "How are you going to sell your book?" I looked at him as if he was speaking a foreign language.

After I bought about 600 hundred books, Lamont really wanted to know how I was going to sell all those books. With confidence, I said, "I'm going to have a book signing."

His response was--"Really. No one knows who you are. How are you going to get people to attend your book signing?" Duh--why didn't I think of that?

By now, I was in a panic. Not knowing what to do, I mentioned this to my friend, Marlene C. who said, "I'll help you."

#books #marketingplan #booksigning

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