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How do you become a successful author. It took me awhile to understand what it takes to sell your books.

When my first book was published I wish someone had told me what it meant to promote, market and sell your book. No matter how your book is published--traditional or self-published--the author is responsibility for marketing his/her book. Marketing is so important and this is what I suggest to any author with a published book.

1. Develop a marketing plan.

2. Determine how much time to spend on marketing.

3. Identify the best ways to market your


4. Determine how much to spend on marketing.

5. Identify the types of marketing that gives the best bang for the buck.

6. Talk to other authors about the most effective and efficient ways to market books.

7. Understand your audience.

8. Pass up no opportunity to market your book.

9. Develop a contact list of individuals who buy your books.

10. Keep track of what works.

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