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When I was growing up I was told to find another career because authors did not make money. Besides not making money, writers need to know the following:

1. Have a comfortable chair.

2. Take time to exercise. Every hour, take a break, walk or stretch.

3. Do not be discouraged when you sit before your computer, typewriter or notebook for hours, waiting for creativity to kick in.

4. Develop a thick skin because everyone has an opinion about your writing style or storytelling.

5. Develop additional layers of thick skin because nothing prepares you for each rejection letter you may receive from publishers, bookstores, agents, etc.

6. Do not and I repeat do not quit your day job when your book is published--it's difficult making a living being an unknown author. It’s even more difficult if you self-publish.

7. Be prepared to market, promote, and sell your book.

8. Can you afford to market your book to reach people who will buy your book?

9. Being an author is like winning the lottery--you begin to have relatives you never knew about and everyone is your friend. Why? They want a "free" book.

10. Do not be discouraged when receiving your royalty checks.

Having said all of that, if you are like me, you write because you have a passion for it. It has nothing to do with making money! Be encouraged!

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