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After my first bookstore book signing, I was feeling pretty good. Maybe a little too confident.

I had an appointment to see the second "used" bookstore owner and for some reason my gut told me not to agree to the book signing, but I did.

The owner and I agreed upon a date for the signing and then she pulls out a contract. Whoa, I wasn't expecting that. I read it and cringed--I had to spend three hours at the bookstore, leave my books for six-weeks, do my own advertising, and the location was in some town I'd never heard of. I was naïve! What happened to me having the book signing in this location?

As Lamont drove to the bookstore, he couldn't find the bookstore. This was before the wonderful GPS. He couldn't find the street on the map.

I was in a panic. I had ten minutes to show up--I hated being late for anything.

By the grace of God when Lamont made a left hand turn, he was on the street we had been looking for. Wide-eyed, I couldn't believe it. The only business on the street was the bookstore.

I could have kicked myself for doing this book signing. Before getting out of the car, Lamont said, "It's okay. Let's go inside." It's a good thing Lamont was with me because I would have left and would have been in violation of the contract and let the bookstore keep ten books.

With a forced smile, I went inside and gave the manager a warm greeting. She welcomed me and showed me where i could set-up.

Two hours passed and a total of five people had come into the store. Of course they weren't interested in buying my book. Three of the people wouldn't make eye contact or speak to me.

Thirty minutes before I was to leave, two women came into the bookstore. I greeted them with a smile and they actually talked to me. One woman was interested in writing a book and another was always looking to read local author's books.

I wanted to scream because I sold "two" books. Yes, I was a success, I sold "one" book. I had never been so happy to leave that bookstore and had no plans to work with this bookstore owner again.

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