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Okay, I was ready to develop my marketing plan even though I only had one idea--have a book signing.

At least I could brainstorm my ideas with someone. Thank God for my friend, Marlene.

She and I met and for several hours discussing how to go beyond having a book signing. Coming up with ideas was more difficult then we expected. Finally, we decided to start small and make my marketing plan a living document. To start, we came up with the following:

1. Sponsor my own book signing.

2. Determine if I could have a book signing at the two used bookstores in the area and at Books-A-Million.

3. Develop a letter to announce the release of my book and send it to out-of-town relatives and friends.

After the meeting, I felt better but Marlene and I hadn't discussed the details of each idea. That made me nervous because that meant my planning had just begun.

1. I hated to admit how many questions I had regarding sponsoring my own book signing. "How would I go about sponsoring my own book signing?" "Would anyone come to the book signing?" "If people came to the book signing, would they buy my book?" "What would it cost to have the book signing?"

2. I feared having a book signing at a bookstore. I felt comfortable visiting the bookstores, talking to the owner/manager and asking if I could have a book signing and what was required. My concern--how do I get strangers to buy my book?

3. The Third Idea was the only one where I had no fears. It seemed straight forward--develop a letter and send it to out-of-town relatives and friends. The cost would be postage stamps. What was there to fear?

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